Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sarasota breakfast

There is nothing better than to wake up to a bright sunny morning with a huge carb-laden breakfast and then watching silly old movies on the couch with a big coffee cup in hand. It is a hard decision as to eat or drink coffee first. Hands fumbling and a slew of crumbs falling as you're rotating between the plate of food and coffee. I'm talking eggs smothered in melted cheese, spicy home fries, english muffin and French press coffee. It was all made with only a toaster oven, French press and an electric skillet by a wonderful artist and dear friend. Impressive right?!! Here is the spread: scrambled eggs with cayenne pepper and some cajun seasoning that happened to be on the shelf of the tiny makeshift kitchen, 2 large russet potatoes cut into cubes and seasoned with cayenne pepper to make home fries in the electric skillet and a cinnamon raisin english muffin toasted and then smeared with cream cheese. I love lazy mornings.