Friday, November 16, 2007

garlic chutney and vagharelu dahi (yogurt with garlic and chili)

When my grandfather was still alive every night he used to eat this garlic chutney on the side. For lunch, the same chutney was added to some homemade tangy yogurt and eaten with rotis or steamed rice.

I can't really call this a recipe and it sounds so simple, but it tastes divine. We make a couple months worth at a time. It will keep for 2-3 months in the fridge as long as no water is added. We use it whenever any dish calls for garlic, but mainly it is used for any sabzi (stir fried vegetables) and daal. You add it in the oil first before you add the rest of the vegetables or daals. You can also just eat it on the side with bhakri like we used to when growing up.

In Gujurati, this chutney is called lasunyo, meaning "of garlic". I'm sure almost every region of India has their own version, but this is kept very simple so it can be added to hundreds of dishes quickly. It's so versatile and with just 2 ingredients, it's worth a try at least once. Please do give it a go, you will wonder how you managed so long without it.

Pound together in a mortar and pestle, do not break out the Cuisinart for this one! Very important, it will completely change the taste and texture.

  • 2 heads of garlic peeled

  • 1/2 - 1 cup of red chili powder

  • it should be of a semi dry consistency, not too wet or liquidy

  • store in a clean sterile bottle and keep in fridge

Vagharelu dahi (yogurt with garlic and chili)

  • cup of yogurt

  • 1 teaspoon of lasunyo

  • mustard seeds, cumin seeds, hing (asafetioda)

  • pinch of turmeric

  • 1 tspn oil

  • salt

  • pinch of sugar (optional)

  1. heat oil and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and hing

  2. add lasunyo and turmeric and stir for one minute on low

  3. add yogurt and salt and pinch of sugar (optional)


Manisha said...

No salt in the lasunyo? We call it lasnicha thecha. And I agree, this must be prepared in the mortar-pestle, by hand!

Alpa said...

Hi Manisha,
No, we don't add salt. Strange right? You would think that is the preservative. But then again, it never lasts more than a month at my parent's place, lol. I've bought this readymade in small 1 oz. packets in Baroda on my last trip to India, so it may be available elsewhere.

S- said...

Sounds delicious! Perfect for dipping crispy pita!

Alpa said...

S-, Wow! So good to see you here! Yes, it can be used in so many things.

KayKat said...

Oh, I love the smell of pounded garlic - *so* good!

This sounds awesome, have to try it out.

Manisha said...

Yup! Yup! Have bought it in small round balls in Vallabh Vidyanagar and Baroda when my in-laws lived there. That had salt though.

Alpa said...

Welcome Kaykat! Please do give it a shot, remember the amount of heat is up to you so if you use less chili powder, use less garlic to keep it dry. Thanks for visiting!

Manisha - yes, you're absolutely right. The readymade ones have salt and a couple of other things added to them. I believe I bought mine from Apex. They're like the Penzey's of Gujurat, lol!

Nabila Shaikh said...

Thanks for this recipe. My bhaiyaa taste it somewhere in patan and he asked my mom to do so. Just to be on safe side, I search the internet for recipe and I got this one. we will try it today in evening. I will let you know how it happened. Thanks again :)