Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ziggy's enchiladas

So the other nite we met up a friend at a place called Ziggy's in downtown Houston. It's a funky little cafe-ish bistro type of place. At first I thought I would have to get dressed up because I'd never been there before, but A said it's not that kind of place... so as usual, jeans and flip flops were still the order of the day. Don't hate, it's in the 80's here!

When we got there, it was not what I really expected - in a good way. Sometimes downtown dining is way tooooo formal and stuffy. As soon as we pulled up, I saw people sitting and talking on tables outside. We love our winter weather here in Texas by the way. It was a good mixed crowd. There were some older couples eating dinner and some students sitting around messing with their laptops and having a beer. Very casual. Very flip-floppy. I liked it.

Once you walk in, you basically order and pay at the counter where the young guy hands you a menu and he'll serve you your drink and give you a number. Sodas and iced tea were self serve at the fountain. I got the iced tea and noticed that they were both decaf and one was white peach. I'm not so into decaf or white peach. I stuck to plain decaf and with a couple packets of Splenda it was pretty decent. A and our friend Paras both got the black bean burger. Paras had the good sense to ask for it with jalapenos and cheese. I wasn't feelin the burgers that day and not wanting to get stuck with a lemon, I ordered the spinach and mushroom enchiladas and we all shared a large side of potato and sweet potato fries.

I tasted A's burger, it was so good. The burger was on wheat bread which was really soft. The regular potato fries were made on premise and they were also very good. The sweet potato fries were cut super thin and it seemed like all we got were the skins. Just crispy skin. Not so good.

The menu stated that the enchiladas take an extra 20 min, so I was prepared for the wait. The guys were eating their burgers and were almost done before I got the enchiladas. Now I make some good Tex-Mex at home myself, so I'm not exactly going to give a restaurant the benefit of the doubt if it ends up sucky. Hey - when in Texas! The enchiladas arrived smothered in cheese. First impression failed to impress. However, once I scraped off all the cheese nonsense, the corn tortillas were pretty awesome and the filling was decent. The spinach stayed a nice bright green so it was obvious they didn't cook it to death and the mushrooms were sauteed. It was served with some brown rice and black beans on the side. Can I just say, I really needed some salsa? The black beans and rice were bland. If I had to reorder again, I would stick with the black bean burger. I will post a couple versions of Tex-Mex enchiladas in a later post.

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