Wednesday, January 23, 2008

take your baby to the disco and 10 minute donuts

On my way to work this morning i was listening to the radio and they were talking about this new club in houston. now would be the time to sit down folks. it's a baby disco. yes, i am not shittin you. it is what you think it is. this new generation club got started in the U.K. and is now ready to take on America. parents can now take their little ones clubbin' - in the afternoon. there is a bar for the parents where they serve drinks. there is an area where they serve snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for the kiddies. let's just hope. they play old school disco. groovy. so, for all you parents that want your children to be skanks and playaz-in-training, there is now a place for you in houston.

no, i don't have parasites of my own in case you're wondering.

on to the 10 minute donut. maybe for the post club munchies. so my parents used to own several donut shops a long time ago. on my first day working there, i tried every donut, cookie, eclair, crueller and artificial drink. needless to say i made myself gag. i couldn't stand the taste of them or the smell of them. i wanted nothing to do with donuts for a long time. years went by. and then slowly, once in awhile i started craving them. i got this recipe/method from a lady i used to work with and am passing it on to me of the wonderful blog, words are all i have.

the 10 minute donut
serves: let's just say 6
prep time: 5 min
cook time: 5 min

  • heat some oil for deep frying (350 deg)
  • take a can of biscuits (ya, so shoot me), not the flaky grand kind and separate out the biscuits
  • then take a mini cookie cutter or something the size of a nickel and cut out pieces from all the biscuits.
  • mix up some cinnamon and sugar and put in a paper bag
  • put some powdered sugar into another paper bag
  • deep fry the donut holes until golden brown
  • put some into each paper bag and shake until covered with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar thoroughly
  • place in serving bowl and enjoy warm with a cup of cafe au lait

Note: i don't know if canned biscuits are available in india yet. in the U.S. they are found in the refrigerated section near the butter and cheese. if you cannot find canned biscuits where you are, please email me at alpa_v at yahoo dot com and i will email you another recipe.

browse while you're satiating your tummy. pics to come...


Rajitha said...

seriously insane!! so now there are going to be drunk parents in the afternoon..taking their kiddies home after hours of drinking and partying...what do ppl not get a buzz if they drink in the day-time!!

Alpa said...

Rajitha - Thanks for visiting! I know, some people are seriously demented.