Sunday, February 10, 2008

healthy cereal chevdo

I have this little problem you see, everyday right around 10am and 3pm i just get ravenous. i get so hungry like i haven't been fed in days. like a tiger fed up waiting for mama deer to go away. the weird thing is that this occurs only during the work week. on the weekends, i'm fine. what's up with that? does this happen to anyone else? i hardly ever snack and rarely have chips and cookies around, but man, this worktime hunger is killin' me.

so instead of loading up on stuff i don't need like candy bars and pop tarts, this weekend i bought three different types of cereals to make chevdo, a gujarati version of a snack mix. i've heard it being compared to chex mix. that must be its step brother.

now i know before some of you start getting testy, let me go on and say that cereal is probably not one of the healthiest foods out there. all that disgusting corn syrup and hyrdogenated fats they put into the stuff could clog the arteries of a 5 year old. however, if you try to avoid some of the more sickly sweet, over-the-top stuff, this can be relatively healthy. and nowadays there are some good options out there.

so here's the recipe, it makes one big batch, don't ask me how many servings because i don't know. lets just say this should last you for 2-3 weeks if you eat it M-F like me. this is made in proper gujarati form by my fabulous mom. i got the delectable cranberry idea from Bee and Jai over at the lovely blog, Jugalbandi. thanks guys :)

Healthy cereal chevdo

serves - your guess is good as mine
prep-cook time: 15 min

  • 3 cups kashi 7 grain flakes
  • 2 cups kix
  • 2 cups wheat chex
  • 1/2 cup roasted peanuts and or dalia and or cashews
  • 1/2 cup cranberries or cherries or raisins
  • 6 chopped chillies
  • 6 sprigs curry leaves
  • 6 tbpn oil
  • 1/2 tspn each of red chili powder, nimbu ka phool (ascorbic acid) and sugar

the play:

  • heat the oil and add chillies and curry leaves and stir for 2-3 minutes
  • add the nuts and dried fruit and stir for another couple of minutes
  • add the chili powder, nimbu ka phool, sugar and stir until mixed well
  • add the cereals and mix lightly for 3 more minutes
  • cool completely and store in an airtight container
Notes: if you've never worked with nimbu ka phool or ascorbic acid, it's a wonderful ingredient in that it provides a sour tangy taste just like lime or lemon juice but in a dry format. i also use it when making vegetable cutlets and alu or gobi parantha when i don't want any added wetness or moisture.

Listening to: one of my favorite songs that take me to the streets of paris - "Lilly" by Pink Martini from their 2nd album, Hang on Little Tomato (2004). now if only i could get Pierre Herme to deliver that dang ispahan to me... drool.


Purnima said...

Alpa..thats very innovative way you have come up with, tks for intro with nimboo ka phool, the chevda looks great n on healthier side of life!tks for sharing!

Alpa said...

Purnima - thanks, please give it a shot!

bee said...

that is colourful and so beautiful.

Alpa said...

Bee - thanks!

Cynthia said...

Colourful, beautiful and healthy? Now what's not to love.

Madhavi said...

wow!what else can be more healthy and savory.first time here.i am sur gonna try thi pretty soon.

Alpa said...

Cynthia - please try it, even without the ascorbic acid, it's wonderful. Thanks for visiting :)

Madhavi - Welcome! Thanks, please give it a shot!