Sunday, March 9, 2008

appey and cardamom tea

for breakfast i made these appey, is that what they're called? i got the wonderful pan on my trip to india. it's a nonstick but extremely heavy, at first i thought it was cast iron, but it turned out to be nonstick.
it's really easy if you have dosa batter ready, if not you can use one of those instant dosa packets. i'm not going to give a recipe because it's just chop and drop. get the batter ready and add chopped red onion, green chillies, a bit of ginger and a sprig of curry leaves.
heat the pan, add a drop of oil into each hole and add about a tablespoon or two of the batter, cover. flip when the bottoms are brown. this should take about a 3-4 minutes on each side.
serve with a cup of delicious cardamom chai and you'll be set for the day.
Listening to: 'Song of Love/Narayana' by Kula Shaker from album, Strange Folk (2008)


Aparna said...

What they are called depends on which south Indian states they are made in, I think. They are called paniyaram in Tamilnadu, and we also call them Uppappam at home.
And they make a great snack.

Alita said...

cardamom tea sounds addictive :)
I use cardamom only to flavour desserts and sometimes rice. I am affraidd to use it in tea, or I'll be addicted to it :)

Mansi Desai said...

That looks so inviting Alpa! never seen that pan before, but surely interesting!

btw, this would be a great entry to the WBB-Balanced Breakfasts event I'm hosting this month! the green leaf plate with the appey and tea seems like a great addition to the roundup, so send it to me if you can!(event details on my blog)

Dhivya said...

wow!I like appey and tea looks great too

KayKat said...

Love that second picture.

The cardamom tea sounds delicious!

Alpa said...

aparna - thanks for the great info and for stopping by!

alita - thanks for visiting my blog. and try the, you will be hooked :)

mansi - ya, it's a great pan... i've seen them in stores here too. i will def send this over to you :)

divya - thanks for visiting me and your sweet comments as usual, hugs :)

kaykat - cardamom tea is really addictive... such a guilty pleasure... but i'm a weak soul :)
thanks for stopping by!

Meera said...

Appey and cardamom tea sounds like a great combo. I first had cardamom tea at my grandparents-in-law's place. I got hooked on since then. It's my most favorite tea.

ms said...

Hey Alpa,
you can also try a sweet version made with bananas, maida, jaggery and cardamom in the same pan.

Cool photo.

Alpa said...

Meera - Hey there! Yes, i agree about the tea, i love cardamom in anything, it makes eveything better :)

MS - wow! i'll have to try that one too! i didn't think of making anything sweet in this.

Archy said...

I love appey, My mom used to make it specially for me :)..But i miss it here..I dont have the pan to make it here !! Did u get it from India ??
Nice pics.. With Banana Leaf plate ..Alpa
Shall come over ur house one day to have appey :P

Cynthia said...

I am not well... (seriously) would you make me some of that delicious cardamom tea? Please.

Alpa said...

Archy - You're most welcome to come over anytime! Yes, i got the pan in india. but i've seen them on Amazon's website too, they're also used to make Danish pancakes. You can find them under "aebleskiver pan". Let me know if you need a proper link.

Cynthia - sorry you're not feeling well! Wish you could hop over, i'd definitely make you some! Please get some rest & get well!