Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chinese style sauteed snap peas

Here is a very quick Chinese style sauteed snap peas.  I picked up a package of these from an Asian store and all I had to do was give them a quick rinse, string them and break up the larger pieces in half.

I first blanched them for 2 minutes in boiling water and then rinsed them in cold water to preserve the springy green color.

Drain them in a colander, add a tablespoon of olive oil, add some chopped garlic, ginger, crushed red chili flakes and a slug of tamari or soy sauce and a few drops of toasted sesame oil.  Before you get ready to serve, add a splash of rice wine vinegar.   Serve this hot with rice or noodles as soon as it is prepared.  It doesn't really do well re-warmed.


sewtakeahike said...

Alpa!!! Your recipes always make me drool. I'm going to print this off and make it this week. I'll let you know how L-man likes it, I know I will!! thank-you!

Niv Mani said...

Snap peas.. I'm sold, I can polish off a huge amout of these at one sitting . Love it!