Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ju-on 2 & caramel apple bar

Happy Halloween to All! This is my favorite favorite favorite holiday! I love horror and sci-fi movies and the Sci-Fi channel and AMC have been showing horror flicks non-stop for 13 days. Thanks to them this just makes me wanna schedule a sabbatical next October. Am I weird? Go ahead, you can tell me. Well for the past few years, I have moved on to japanese horror which makes american horror seem like you're watching a chick flick.

When I was younger, members of my family emigrated from India to settle here and so intially, they stayed with us. They had never seen horror movies and didn't even know what they were, because over there that genre is still relatively new. Well my dad has a thing for horror flicks, so at night, he would put on Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, Day of the Dead... well, you get it. It would scare the living jeebies out of my aunts, uncles and little cousins. And you were not allowed to move until the movie was through. Maybe that's why they're all still a little scared of him!

So, besides re-reading harry potter for the gizillionth time, this Halloween I decided to break the tradition. And trust me, it's like pulling teeth to get me anywhere away from harry.

To celebrate my favorite holiday I am going to be watching Ju-on 2 (again) and creating my own version of a caramel apple bar.

serves 2
prep time: 15 min
cook time: 5 min

The VIP's:
1. 1 granny smith apple, washed & cut into 8 wedges
2. 2 handfuls of caramel candy melted on low heat with 1 tbspn butter and a dash of cream or you can take the easy route and just warm up some bottled caramel sauce.


  • chocolate chips
  • crushed peanuts
  • coconut
  • smashed oreos
  • chopped pecans
  • use what you have on hand

The play:

  1. place your hot caramel in a small bowl on the center of a plate and place the apples around it. note - It's best if you have a fondue pot for the caramel.
  2. put your toppings in small bowls and place together on one tray
  3. dip your apple wedge into your caramel and then whatever toppings you choose

Notes: this recipe is largely open to interpretation depending on number of people and toppings. Again, the caramel is best left in a small crockpot or fondue pot so it will stay warm and not harden up. Also, the apples should be tart for this, you do not want it to be sickly sweet.

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