Monday, November 26, 2007

juiced up green tea

The regular readers of my blog may know that I have not been feeling up to speed lately. I have been drinking copious amounts of chai brewed with fresh ginger and lemongrass to soothe my throat. Though this is an instantaneous cure, the warm fuzzy feeling doesn't last all that long past 30 minutes. This is so easy, it's ridiculous to say that this is a recipe, but it is delicious and may help you relax.

For one large mug:

  • bring a cup of water to a simmer
  • add 1 tspn green tea leaves or a bag of green tea and let steep for 3 min
  • strain if using loose tea leaves
  • add juice of half an orange and raw honey to taste

Notes: You may be familiar with the new Lipton Citrus iced teas in a bottle, this is very similar in taste. You could also squeeze in half a lemon, tangerine or even pomengranate juice. It's low in cost and you get the added benefit of no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

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