Tuesday, November 27, 2007

off to bombay

Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and sick-free Thanksgiving holiday!

So, I'm going to India tomorrow for about 6 weeks. I will try to blog from there depending on my dad - the vacation nazi. I think the man has a day planner in his head mapped out by minutes. This is the first time I'm going in 7 years and why I chose the same exact time he did, God only knows. I figured it might be easier to have him around, but I'm seriously reconsidering. When you go on vacation with him, you need to check into a spa afterwards. Seriously, it's that bad.

So up until yesterday he's been calling me with all sorts of things such as...

him: "Do you have room for diapers?"
me: "why do we need diapers?" (I stop to remember that i'm potty trained.)
him: "because my friend called and his son had a baby and they need diapers."
me: "why does he always wait until the last minute? Don't they get diapers in India?" What is wrong with these people folks?

And then last night around 10pm, I get another urgent call from him telling me to go to Wally World to get a 3-pack of TSA approved locks. 'Tis the season for thievery.

Ya, the man's a little shaken and gets rattled easily when you mention India trips. Last time they went to India, 3 bags got stolen from the baggage handlers on their trip back home. Of course, it was none of the food, it was all the expensive, hard to replace stuff from their South India tour of Madras and Ooty. Which was fine by me... I am a foodhead after all.


Swaroopa said...

have a safe trip!!

Manisha said...

Hey have a great vacation! Enjoy the food! And, yes, you get diapers in India. At least you used to 9 years ago! I bought Huggies or whatever else there is from the shops that stock everything from Kraft cheese to shoes. Is there anything you don't get in India? Oh and it worked out a little cheaper to buy in Bombay than to lug them half way across the world.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Diapers! OMG can't believe! :D I have travelled to Dubai and Bankok and found nothing that we don't get here! If you are on a holiday just see the place and enjoy! why carry so much lugguage?

~Happy said...

funny post..:) i hate people piling on when you go home bring this bring that such a pain..:))
hope you have a wonderful trip

vimmi said...


Enjoy ur trip. I envy u. missing Bombay a lot. Say hi to vacation nazi too.

Cynthia said...

I guess that you are on your way as I write this. Have a great time.

I love the idea that your dad is the vacation nazi, I think that we all have one such person in our family.

Siri said...

OMG, my mom's voice echoes from ur post Alpa, I guess all parents think alike!!! Nice post and Have a safe journey!

~ Siri

Kajal said...

So you are in India great. Enjoy your vacation my dear with your parents. Happy and safe journey!! First time visit your blog but very nice writing and food dish. Thanks for visiting my blog my dear.:))

vegetablej said...

Hi Alpa:

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry I missed you, you must be in India now. (Lucky!)

Sounds like you are going on what I call the kamikaze vacation. It's the typical Japanese style. You have to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning on your day off so you can fit in all the stuff and then you don't remember anything because you spend all your time hurrying to one place or another so that you have about 5 minutes at each place. Of course you have to take 10, 000 pictures so your remember what you did and what you saw and can prove it when you're bragging to all your friends, which is the real reason you went.

I wish you NOT that kind of vacation, but one in which every moment is golden and helps you remember yourself and your love of life.


Alpa said...

Thanks so much Swaroopa, Manisha, Latha, Happy, Vimi, Cynthia, Siri, Kajal and Vegetablejapan!