Sunday, February 17, 2008

hobbit cafe

friday nite my supper club went to the hobbit cafe. it's been a houston institution for over 30 years and originally started off as a healthy vegetarian joint. nowadays however, they serve non-vegetarian items as well.

it's known for that bohemian atmosphere, and just by looking at its clientele you can see why this is so. there are all ages and ethnicities eating there. like one of my dear friends put it, "it's a place where art history professors come with their sketchbooks."
so you get the drift right?
it's near downtown and housed in an old dilipidated tudor style building. i didn't have high hopes for this place. but then we ventured forward and i was so happy we did. the house is like you've entered hobbitdom. so small, cozy and with all that soft lighting you'll wish there was a fire going with some elves sitting around drinkin some strong ale, singin folk songs about slaying the evil dragon... er... back to the real story.

the doorways were arched so you felt so tiny and well protected. the walls had what else? J.R.R. Tolkien posters and art. this is the place to be if you're a hobbit or lord of the rings fan. which i am. the hobbit is in my top 10 books of all time. while i was enjoying the walls, our waiter a handsome young guy seated us towards the back. funny thing about the waiter, he has an identical twin brother who works the patio area. that was a little freaky. but in a good way.

the menu pays serious homage to Tolkien. all the items are named after his characters and other places and things from the books. the sandwiches are sold in either slim or regular. just a fyi, if you can't eat a whole pizza by yourself you should be ordering the slim. the portions are made for hobbits who are known for their greedy love of good food.

the gandalf sandwich comes with avocados and mushrooms with melted cheese on whole wheat bread. this is a serious sandwich. your group will just have to accept your prudeness while you dive in with a fork and knife.

then there is the fatty lumpkin which is a tuna sandwich, also on whole wheat. there is the smaugs delight, the withywindle and bilbo the magnificent with tomatoes, sprouts, guacamole and cucumber sandwich and the very popular drink, mithrili, a fruit smoothie which as far as i can recollect is made of pineapple, strawberries and bananas. aren't the names just fabulous?

i ordered the black bean burger and iced tea, i know, i know... i'm such a lame ass for sticking with a sure thing, but in my defense, i was really hungry that nite and wanted to hit the bull's eye. all sandwiches are served with matchstick carrots but i substituted mine for fries. the fries here are legendary as the place itself.

i was also warned that if you order a sandwich with avocado, you are likely to get a tree in return. this place unlike so many others is not stingy with this green wonder of a fruit. i love this place!!!

if you live in houston or plan to visit here, be sure to try out this landmark. it's truly off the beaten path and the menu will leave you grinning.

Rating: A+ for the timely and friendly service and the excellent food. my only grievance is there were quite a few tables packed into a small space which didn't give you much room to squirm around.

Notes: i promise i will try to remember my camera the next time i am here. image of the restaurant was taken from

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