Tuesday, April 1, 2008

fruits of my neighbor

there is this wonderful old soul who lives next door. this elderly gentleman, we'll call him Ed for now, is so sweet and he is so old school. my husband was working in the yard the other day - because we live in houston, because everything is growing, because it's already in the eighties here.

so while he was working, Ed and his lady friend call him over to their backyard. of course we can't see each other because we have a 6' wooden fence separating us. i was not dressed if you know what i mean, so i just hung back and my husband went off to visit Ed and said lady friend.

and what do you know? they've been quite the busy ones over there. they have a huge garden that's already producing. a beautiful orange tree with the cutest, tangiest little oranges you will ever see. there are flowers and greenery everywhere. anywho, he came back with this bounty. mind you it was just March. isn't he the most awesomest neighbor ever?
so let the composting and digging and renting tillers and buying earthworm castings begin, ooooh it's gonna be so great...


sailaja said...

We have kind neighbours who share their backyard garden produce. Of course, I reciprocate.:) My family couldn't possibly eat all the mangoes from our backyard mango trees?

Siri said...

Oooo, the oranges, coriander, the chillies all looks so fresh and vibrant Alpa.. lucky you to have such a sweet neighbour..:D.. wow, its interesting to know that u grow ur own fruits and vegetables.:)


ANJALI J. said...

you are really lucky to have such neighbours. we hardly find anyone like this :)
fresh vegetables!! it feels so good when we see the fresh ones.. i enjoy cooking!
thanks! hope to see more of you :)

Meera said...

How sweet of your neighbor. All the bounty looks great! & you said 80 F? I envy you.

Penny said...

Gotta love neighbors like that!

Cynthia said...

This is exciting! I love getting unexpected pressies like these :) I have 2 friends who are retired nurses and every now and then I'd get a call to come meet them half-way up the street to get my bag of goodies :)

Alpa said...

sailaja - i'm really wishing i was your neighbor!

Siri - thanks! last year was my first experience with organic gardening and i loved it. it's so good knowing you're doing something good with the land you're living on.

anjali - i know, i'm really very lucky! i have great neighbors all around me who are such generous souls.

Meera - yup, 80deg! don't envy me just yet, you haven't seen houston summers!

Penny - Hi, yes they are so great & are a big help. i feel gardening is a skill that is slowly dying, i wish i had all the knowledge my neighbor does about his plants!

Cynthia - wow! you have great friends too! it's make it even better when they're unexpected. i esp love the fact that he's so willing to share his bounty with us.