Thursday, April 3, 2008

tea time

i was at central market the other day and stumbled right smack into these. i had to have them. i just had to. i coveted them for some reason.

i don't know about you, but when i see teas, i am just mesmerized. i want every flavor, every brand. oh, and God help me if it's loose tea. i am so onto that. currently, i have over 17 different teas in the house. i don't know why, it's not as if i drink them all at once, but like the rest of america, i'm a sucker for packaging and whimsy and the freedom of choice.

luckily, i do drink about 6-7 cups of tea daily. one cup of chai every morning and 4 cups of green tea at work, a cup of lychee tea when i get home and start cooking and then a final cup of ginger tea after dinner. needless to say, i spend half the day in the loo. for real. i wonder if my boss notices.

anyways, i picked up the tea in the pink canister because i've never seen rooibos packaged in tea bag form. i've always bought it loose in bulk. and the green one i bought, because i didn't want the pink one to be lonely in my pantry. no, i really bought it because i wanted to see how the "natural stevia leaf" was going to taste in my tea.
these are both grown completely organically and are fair trade to boot.

which i'm just reminded that i saw a stevia plant for sale at my local nursery. that is so awesome! i wonder how many leaves it will take to sweeten my tea? i didn't get it, and now i'm kind of pissed at myself for not buying it at the time. maybe i'll still go back and get it. have any of you ever used it before in it's plant form? i'm so psyched.


Cynthia said...

I love tea too but not all the fancy flavoured ones: ginger and lemon and lemongrass, mint, jasmine and bay-leaf is as far as I want to go with flavourings. I just want a variety of regular tea and like you said, the leaves - oh yeah!

To answer your question about the cassava - yeah it's cooked in similar fashion to a potato only that it is a little more starchy.

Alpa said...

Cynthia - Hi! I do love my rooibos though, try it if you've never had it. it's a really mild flavored red tea without the bitterness that you get with the fermented black tea sometimes. I believe it's grown & harvested only in africa right now. it's been gaining in popularity recently; and with good reason!

I'm gonna try the cassava.

AnuZi said...

Oh my gosh. Theres a place in DC called A tea grows here. Its a cute tea store where they sell teas from all over the world. And it smells magical. I think you would go wild if you went there.....hehe in a good way of course ;o)

Alpa said...

Anuzi - I used to live in the DC Metro area awhile back, i really miss it & now you're making me miss it even more!!! When i visit there, i will def stop by... thanks for the great tip!