Sunday, May 11, 2008

dear mommy

so it's mother's day and there is no way i can go without giving a big props to my mom. of course i'm gonna say that my mom is the absolute best mom in the whole entire world and i am truly truly blessed that of all the people on this planet, she happened to be my mom. i know how fortunate and lucky i am to have someone in my life like her. she's one of those special beings put here on earth to make a real difference. she's one of those people that will leave the earth in a better place than when they found it. she's one of those extremely rare people that can see the good in everyone no matter where circumstances have them.

i don't have the words to say what an amazing person my mom is. i can say without any doubt that when i grow up (hehehe) i hope i can be just like her. she's given me the most perfect role model. i know i wasn't an easy child, shit, i'm still not an easy person to deal with, but through this my mom has always looked beyond and found something that sometimes i don't have the foresight or sense to see. so now, my words fail me and all i can do is say 'thanks mom for everything, i love you.'
so on her special day, i'm going to share some more pictures of india on our last trip together.


Manisha said...

Loved the pics, Alpa! Especially that overflowing auto(?) and the wistful look on the child's face.

They say the most difficult child is usually the most precious. Ask you Mom; I am sure she will agree!

ayumills said...

Such a touching posting. I hope to have a daughter like you one day..;)

Cynthia said...

And what lovely pictures they are! So full of life, love and laughter.

Alpa said...

Manisha - Thanks so much, it's so hilarious to see the sheer volume of people! your words about my mom are relieving and soothing to my ears. lucky for my mom, i'm all grown uop now (getting very very very close to you), but i am still tinged with remorse for all the crazy things i put them thru, lol.

Ayumills - Thank you for visiting me :) You're so sweet, but trust me - i was a BAD kid, lol!

Cynthia - Thanks for your kind words - now if only the food came out as half as enthusiastic :)

Prixie said...

very sweet...may your children treat u the way you treat your mum.

Penny said...

precious! the photos of the textiles and children with chalk make me want to cry! also love the pic of the woman in the sky blue sari, just beautiful! Great post Alpa, I'm sure your momma feels the same about you (the part about her being the best)!

Alpa said...

Prixie - Thanks for all your sweet words!

Penny - Awww, you're so awesome! I know - I wish I was sewing back then, LOL...I would've had to get a cargo ship worth of material and lace/trims sent back home!! Thanks so much for your really kind words about my mum!