Tuesday, May 6, 2008

labneh lemon tart

i know, i know, i know my new profile pic is probably creepin you out. so i was messin' with my new phone's camera capabilities and ended up sorta liking this one. anonymous, but you get a glimpse. looking back through all my blog entries, i realize that i've probably already said too much, revealed even more. do you guys ever think you've exposed a little too much about yourselves? not that i mind, but it is nice to be somewhat mysterious at times.

so what has all that to do with my lemon tarts? oh, nothing. anyways, i had bought some labneh this past weekend when i was at the fabulous new Phoenicia. i planned to use it as cream cheese to spread on my whole grain bagels because i like the way it tastes and it's way better for you... oh, it's not? well, i never got around to getting the bagels, so the poor labneh just sat in the fridge. had i seen michael's post earlier i would've made this. but since my sewing machine got in the way of my blog hopping, i just saw it today.

so i had these beautiful meyer lemons and i decided to make an instant lemony cheesecake tart.
you can mess around with the recipe and try different flavor combinations. it's pretty much limitless. and it's sort of embarrassing to use these processed products which i normally don't have around but this was the easiest and fastest way i could make these yellow beauties. they only take 10 minutes to make and a few hours to chill. they're actually perfect for tea parties or special dinners. and no matter what anyone tells you, everyone loves their own dessert! why do you think cupcakes are so popular? everyone wants to have their own cake and eat it too, that's why!

labneh lemon tarts
serves 10-12
prep time: 10 min, plus 3-4 hours chilling time

  • 10-12 tart shells, baked and cooled completely
  • a packet of 3.2 oz any flavor instant pudding (i used vanilla; cheesecake would be good too)
  • 1 cup labneh
  • 1 tub fat free whipped topping
  • lemon zest & juice of one lemon

the play:

  • cream the labneh until smooth and creamy
  • stir in the pudding, lemon zest and lemon juice
  • fold in the whipped topping
  • chill mixture covered for a few hours up to a few days
  • fill the tarts right before serving
  • garnish with zest, lemon balm or mint

Listening to: a recommendation by my dear friend A - War's 'Four Cornered Room' from the album, The World is a Ghetto (1972)... love it A, thanks!!


LisaRene said...

I do enjoy the presentation of individual desserts over one big one and lemon is a favorite of mine, I'd even choose it over chocolate :)

"Labneh" was unfamiliar to me so I looked it up and just learned something new!

Your avatar conjures up mystery and intrigue...

ms said...

Labneh tarts look yum!

Penny said...

no way Alpa!, you so rock in my book!

Alpa said...

Hey Penny! You're so awesome! BTW, i'm still drooling over the camera bag, hehehe :)

Miri said...

Sounds like an interesting idea ! and looks delicious!

Alpa said...

Lisarene - Hi, thanks for stopping by! Labneh is comparable to cream cheese and so can be substituted fairly easily. It's tangy as well as a lot more healthy!

MS - Thanks, I appreciate you dropping by!

Miri - please try it out... if you don't have labneh, you could always drain some yogurt in the fridge overnite... basically the same thing :)