Friday, November 5, 2010

Toads in a Hole (vegan)

So you all have heard of toads in a hole right? This is the same thing but a little Indianized and veganized. These are very quick and easy and are lovely for breakfast or brunch. If you have a cast iron griddle, you could do a big batch at one time. They are so much fun to make!

To start off, make your basic pudla batter (this is enough for about 4-6 slices of bread) : 1 cup of gram flour or chickpea flour, salt, black pepper, red chili powder, a tablespoon of lemon juice and whatever else you want to add. I used diced tomatoes, garlic, onion, cilantro and ajwain in mine. Mix all this with enough water to make a pancake batter consistency.

Then take a slice of bread and use a knife to cut out a hole in the middle or just use a cookie cutter. Place in a warmed skillet or griddle with a tablespoon of oil. Keep the heat on low. Fill the holes with the batter and don't move around until set, it should take about 3 minutes on each side.
Oh, those little pieces are the rounds bits from making the holes. I had a little bit of batter left over so I dipped them in the batter like French toast and put them on the griddle to cook up as well. Enjoy!


sewtakeahike said...

I'm so glad you're back Alpa!!! This looks so good!! So L-man and I have been going to a little Indian market close to our home and picking up tons of stuff lately. I've totally been in heaven!

Alpa said...

Hi Penny,
Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet words as always! I know it has been a LONG time so I sincerely appreciate it. I have been quietly checking out all your handiwork as well; the patchwork quilts are so enviable!! Oh, BTW, I loved the pics of your recent outdoor adventure!