Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Music Voyager

Television has come a long way, but not in any good sense IMHO.  All those reality shows just dumbifying our younger population and targeting them with more nonsense advertising.  To think there is a generation of Snookies right behind us!  Good laaaaaaaawd, help us all.   Although I should come out and just be honest - at that age, I would've died for an opportunity to be famous for just partying. Thank goodness for PBS, Nat Geo and ID (Investigation Discovery). 

I love love love PBS programming and I just found this new show called Music Voyager.  The host, Jacob Edgar travels all the world in search of new sounds.  I caught two episodes, first, where he went to Rajasthan and the second, where he went to Old Delhi and spoke to the trio band East India Company.  Sitting in front of an absolutely gorgeous red wall on the dirt street singing their rustic version of the famous song, 'Dum Mast Qalander' was INCREDIBLE.  The show is beautifully shot and very easy to watch with a laid back host ready to try anything.  In an odd way, he reminds me a little of Under the Sun host, Nathan Leroy whom I just love.  Oooooh, that accent!!! 

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