Monday, January 17, 2011

Top of the Hill and He's Not Here

We were just walking along Franklin Street looking for a place to grab something to eat in time to watch the Patriots game when I was directed to this little spot... too too funny, don't you think?   There were some benches outside in what seemed to be some sort of an ice-house but it was too cold to sit outside.  The name of the place just made me LOL!

So instead, we grabbed a drink and ate at this impressive little rooftop bar called Top of the Hill.  Their lunch menus are so adorable; they're little black & white, sephia-tinted postcards and their dinner menus are like landscape photos.  I was surpised to find the prices were very reasonable given the upscale ambience.  I ordered a lager on tap and a 'Courtney's Cheese Pizza' which was basically a white pizza topped with a basil-cashew pesto and Monterey Jack cheese.  My companion ordered the 'Thumbs & Toes' which were chicken tenders covered in a Thai chile sauce.  The pizza was a little disappointing with a flimsy, soggy crust that tasted like it was made hours earlier, but the view was incredible, so surprisingly, I wasn't bothered a bit by lunch.  Here are a few snaps during game time. 

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